Contacting the Staff

Contacting the proper staff member with your questions or concerns is critical to your game enjoyment. The links below are direct email addresses to the different staff functions.

General Manager
Contact the general manager about LARPing in general, or about personal matters that you feel cannot be addressed by any other staff member.
Have a question about your character or want to update? Email the Head of Logistics. If you have a question about game mechanics or generic rules calls, best ask in the Out-of-Play forums first.
Send questions about NPCs, plot modules, and other plot-related matters to the Head of the Plot.
Baronial Campaign
Are you the baron(ess) of your land and have questions about tween-gather events happening inside your realm? Email the Baronial Campaign manager.
Have a question about how your tag request should look, or what you should include in your next tag request because a situation for you has changed? Email Head of Tags. If you only wish to submit your tag request, use Online Tag Request.
Send your questions about game continuity or email your character's back-story to the game's lorekeeper. If you are seeking a bit of game lore that is considered common knowledge, try the Common Knowledge Wiki before contacting the Head of Continuity.
Web Site
Did you notice a bugs on the web site, need your password reset, or have some creative ideas about the web design? Email the web admin!