Campaign Chronicle #15

I was walking the other day, and was deep in thought when I suddenly noticed my surroundings. I had wandered into a land of dead and silent trees. As I walked, I wondered where my feet had taken my for this was unlike any forest I was familiar with. Then as a tree branch fell just in front of me I realized where I was. I was in Calibhar. Where where the undead that was said to inhabit these cursed lands. I passed through a small half-built village and the only bones I saw were lying still upon the ground and not moving around as I expected. There was no stench of death, no moans from moving corpses, No rattle of skeleton. There was nothing. I felt no danger in this land.

I decided to go travel further to see how things may be. I am lost in thought again and stumble over a rotting log. As I pick myself up, I notice something under the log..............grass. As sure as I am reporting this, I saw a few blades of LIVING grass. I take special note and look around at the vegetation, or the lack there of, and I start to notice it. Yes there is some small growth all around me. What has transpired here, to cause this cursed land to start growing again? How has it come to pass that the stories of all the undead in the area are gone? What power is responsible for removing that which was reported as too much Necromancy?

I was pondering these things when I saw him. He was very tall. Taller than any man could be, he stood towering over the rooftop of a shattered inn. As he came closer to me I recognized him from an earlier meeting I was allowed to witness. As this man walked, the very ground under him started to return to life. The Old Man was working to restore this once beautiful land. He did not seem to notice me standing there gawking at him. I can only assume he is responsible for clearing out this most haunted place, and bringing it back to life.

This only opens more questions to me. What sacrifice did he have to endure? Was he alone in this act? How did he manage such a feat? Is this place really fixed? Is this just a temporary solution? These are but a few questions that come to mind.

Time is the only friend we have in finding out the answers to these questions, I fear. These questions remain unanswered for now, and we rejoice in the fact that Calibhar seems to be on the mend.

Student of the Last Prophet