Campaign Chronicle #16

I recently had a conversation with the Merchant of Lies and Truths. He shared some interesting and terrifying news with me, and bade me to share with everyone.

Me: ”Tell me peddler why you sought me out when you know of my distaste for you. What is so important?”

Merchant: ”I have a hypothetical situation to present to you that you, the last student to the great Profit, should find interesting. Suppose I told you that we are not where we think we are?

Me: ”...........I do not know. I am not understanding what you are saying.

Merchant: ”What if I told you that we have been ‘relocated’ to a different place and possibly a different time, what would be your response?”

Me:” I would have to ask just who could do a thing of such magnitude, and where and when we moved to. I would also have to ask you how.”

Merchant: ”The who, I will not name, but rest assured it is from two that have enough power to do such an act. I will let you know that, the who has moved……aspects of Cerroneth. How i can not begin to explain to you, nor would I without the proper fee. Which I assure you, little Profit, you can not afford that information.”

Me: ”How about the when?”

Merchant: ”That is the most interesting part, it could also be the most frightening. This happened when the Devourer invaded our home. When it ‘displaced’ the plains, it did not just ‘displace’ them, it destroyed them. Select individuals were moved to a freshly created timespace and world. One that was created from the fragments of other worlds that existed alongside ours and were destroyed in the same instant. These worlds closely resembled ours but were always different in some way.

Me: “You are telling me that we, no longer live in the place and time we knew? But not all of the peoples of Cerroneth were moved with us? Why would this happen?”

Merchant: ”I am simply presenting a theory of mine. What If i told you that the Devourer was too powerful for us to stop, and that it destroyed us it had intended too, what would you say to such news?

Me: ”We trapped the Devourer in the Ethereal. How can it be that we were could not stop him, when we did? How can you explain that?”

Merchant: ”The individuals responsible for our relocation used their power and vast, even by my standards, knowledge to arrange for the best possible chance for success. The very fact that a single world was created so suddenly when it expected nothing but debris may have helped to unbalance the Devourer, this Tri-oth.

Me:”But the heroes were the ones that helped the Primarchs to restore the plains. IF everything was recreated for us, then why were the plains not restored?”

Merchant:”So many questions, I will tell you why, then I will take my leave. POWER. Plain and simple. Such immense power was needed that the individuals used most of their power in doing as much as they could, in an instant, a fragment of a second. Then again, another theory that an old friend suggested is a more complex answer verbalized in an equally short way…. Faith. One of the pair had faith that we could rebuild what she built originally.”

With that he got up, and departed. He stepped 2 steps away from me, and seemed to vanish into shadows. I can not help but wonder, who was responsible for such an act. What does this mean? How many of us were from our time, and how many were recreated? How much of our past, that we remember, actually happened the way we remembered? Which individuals were not brought over? So many questions. Not enough answers, as usual. I must speak with my master.

Student of the Last Prophet