Campaign Chronicle #17

In a unremarkable tent a few miles out side of the old capital of Velyadin, a man sits in the dim light in shocked contemplation. The young man looks up sudenly as as the tents flaps are thrown back vilonetly. The mans hand darts up and his mouth opens, only to close quickly as his hand falls limply back into his lap. The youth studies the intruder recognizing him as the High Mage of the King Crimson. The two men study one another for a moment then the youth laughs harshly.

“I could not even defend my self from stick of a man such as your self” the youth mumbles to the older magician. “You are just as slight as I. I come to find out what you have learned since we last spoke”

“It is just .. gone. It is as if magic it self has died. My agents have ranged the entire width of this nation in these few short days and no trace of magic has been found. Even the few artifacts we know about are cold and lifeless. They are Mundane.” The youth spoke the last word with scorn.

“This effect is far greater than I anticipated. We still do not know the cause of the penamonon or if there will be any further waves. Was this an attack? Who could do such a thing. Bolin? The Sandwalker? Some other threat we have yet to realize. Can we expect another attack? BAH! To many questions and not enough answers.” The mage glares angerliy at the youth as if blaming him for the lack of answers. After a moment the mage exhales and continues in a more sedated voice

“I have spoken to the King and the General and we have divised a plan but it will require the assistance our Hero’s. Luckily we have a gathering approching soon.”

“Tell me High Mage,” the youth begins “why do you tell me this. What brings you to the wilderness in the middle of the night to distrube my sleep.”

The older man studies the youth abvisouly not please with his tone

“We both know you would not be alseep. As far why I am here. The kingdom needs you. We need what you where trained to be.We need you to be who you where born to be. We need you to do what you swore you would not do again. We need direction. We need hope.

We need a Prophet.”