Campaign Chronicle #14

I was invited to a special gathering. I was told to listen, do not speak. This is what I heard when these individuals were talking about the current state of Cerroneth.

The Striped One: "The planescape is finally setting right after the threat of The Devourer. I am nearly done with my assimilation with the Nexus. Cerroneth is hurting, however it does not threaten the planescape, so therefore I am not concerned with the current events in the land. I will keep an eye on what is happening to ensure it does not threaten the planescape. Should the threat prove to move in that direction I will step in and resolve the issue."

The Cowled One: "My dear Cerroneth, she is indeed in a bad way. The major threat of the Devourer is past, however we are still dealing with the aftermath left behind. I do indeed have plans to set her right. The peoples of Cerroneth may hate me for what I have done, and what I also have plans for. It is what She needs right now. The mortals are not strong enough to save her alone."

The Red One: "ZZZZZ.....ZZZZZ....

After remaining quiet for the first half of this gathering, the old man finally speaks.

The Old Man: "My land is hurting. My dear Cerroneth is in pain, part of her is dead and other parts may start dying. She is fighting the effects of me and my people trying to heal her. I fear that our actions have only made things worse. There is a threat roaming this land, and it is unclear of its purpose. Is it here to harm the land, or harm her people? Is it here with a higher purpose, does his home plane threaten the prime? You say there is no actions or movements to suggest such. This is something else we must keep a wary eye on. I feel that is in part responsible of the effects currently causing the area of land the mortals call Celibhar. ugly scar on a beautiful land, a dark sickness that is not spreading wide, but deep. I am at a loss for a cure. I must rely on the heroes of Cerroneth to cleanse this sickness. I will offer any help I can, but I am weakened by this sickness, and the energies we have used to try and fix it. I am sad to say I must also rely on one that I dare not fully trust. This one that was recently so instrumental in saving us from the great threat, yet he has harmed and gone against the land and her inhabitants many times."

The Cowled One: "You are responsible for more deaths than I, old man. Your tally is much higher than mine now."

The Old Man glared at the Cowled one.

The Cowled One: "You do not have to remind me. I ache with the death I have brought to the people." He bowed his head into his hands.

The Striped One: "We do need to find out what this possible threat has intentions of. It is not a natural being, its existence is a result from the lack of participation of the Heroes in restoring the Plane of Necromancy back into the planescape." He turned to the Cowled one. "You are most like its nature, it would be the most logical choice for you to visit it. See if you are able to ascertain what its intentions are."

The Cowled One: "I will indeed visit this being. I would like to know what he is. I may be able to use him in returning Cerroneth and Tyrra back to health."

This was the part of the conversation I am sharing with you now. It tells us that we are facing some threats that may prove nearly impossible to conquer, but also that we are not alone in our struggle. The earthquakes are destroying this country. Reports from all over Cerroneth say that villages are gone, rivers stop running, that new rivers widen, and are rerouted. Other reports say long standing mountains fall like brittle mounds, while other mountains rise in new places. Forest is turned to desert and desert to forest. Will we be able to stop it in time? Are we even able to set right what is wrong? What is it that the Cowled one has done? What is the Cowled one planning on doing? Why won’t the Striped One intercede now? I will leave you all with these thoughts. Remember this is our home, we must do what we can to help keep her and all of us safe.